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Going to pharmacy/Pharmacy as a great and profitable business Lock Rss

One of the advantages of the pharmacy business-if done correctly, the pharmacy begins to pay off quickly. If there are no problems, the pharmacy can show a profit in the first year. If this is a new unknown pharmacy and it does not work traffic, then good positions will have to go two years. If the business does not go, some of the money can be returned. For example, the cost of equipment can be returned about 60%.

If all goes well, then in a couple of years it will be possible to assess the real indicators.

The average pharmacy sells for about $ 1.2 million a year. If it is a small community store, then in the first or second year a good result is $40-50 thousand per month ($500-600 thousand per year). The pharmacy's gross margin averages 35%. Of these, 10% eats rent, another 10% - the remaining costs. Thus, the level of profitability of the pharmacy is now about 15%, for a new business, this figure may be 10%.
As I can say pharmacy's are not all the time evil Corp. I mean they were created to help people, not to make money on their illnesses. Seems to me that people has wrong thoughts about this kind of business, and most of us think that there is only money to make. I want to have my own pharmacy, there are pharmacies for sale and I am thinking to buy one, and I will try to change something, at least I will try to help people, as I can, maybe I will be that guy that will change something in a good way
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