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Which HA formula - HELP Lock Rss


I have a 12 week old formula fed baby. We have been having huge issues getting him to finish a full feed for weeks now (lots of tears and refusing but then wanting more then trying to have more but getting upset after a couple of swallows) have tried colic drops to no avail then GP thought it may have been silent reflux so started him on losec (still not really seeing a difference).

Anyway took him to a paediatrician who said to try him on a HA formula as the next step, we have started him on Aptamil Prosyneo Sensitive this is day 3 and he is a lot worse. Am I being too impatient not giving him enough time to get used to it? Or what HA formulas have others had a good experience with?!

Next step after this is specialised formula.

Thank you!
I was using Hipp for my baby, I believe its a pretty good organic formula.
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