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  5. three and a half month old, 4 feeds in 24hrs is this enough?

three and a half month old, 4 feeds in 24hrs is this enough? Rss

i have a beautiful three and a half month old boy who has started to sleep nine and a half to ten hours at night and feeds four hourly during the day which some days means he only has four feeds in 24hrs and the others its five. he is a very happy baby and doesnt want food any earlier than four hourly during the day and his weight hasnt dropped of at all so does this mean this is all he needs or should i be trying to get him to feed more? his feeds only last for ten to fifteen minutes without a break and then he refuses to have anymore so i figure he must be satisfied with this amount.
Hi, Your DS sound exactly like my DD!!!!. My DD is 16 weeks & also only has 4 feeds a day.She is bottle fed, and feds every 4 hours during the day, anything less & she just isn't hungry and won't fed.She also sleeps through the night from 7pm till 6- 7am and is very happy & content. Her weight gain is a litle low,only about 100 grams a week (although last week it was only 50grams) so my CHN told me to do a deamfeed at about 10 pm just to get another bottle into her. I have been doing this the for the last week so will get her weighed on monday & see what her weight gain is & see if it's made a difference.I figure as long as she is happy & content then her feds must be enough and sounds as though your DS is the same. My DD was 2.60kg born and now is 5.05kg at 16 weeks. What does your DS weigh???
Will let you know what her weight is when i weigh her on monday...I would start to worry when she starts losing weight but for now if she's happy so am I.!!!!
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