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  5. is any one else experienceing this.....

is any one else experienceing this..... Rss

hello all,

my son 13 wks today has gone from having 150- 170 mls every 3.5-4 hours to having 100-110 mls every 2-2.5??? what do i do i dont want to be feeding this often, from birth he has gone 3- 4 hours between feeds and was sleeping 9-11 hours 2 weeks ago now back down to 6-8 can anyone give me advise on what they have done or would do???

thanx kylie xo

***haydens mum***


could be tha tyour little one is going through a growing spurt and if he is hungry he needs to be fed. It it is a growing spurt he will need the extra calories to help in his growing. his sleep pattern could also be from a result of his hunger as he may be kept awake from it. If it is a growing spurt, it is a phase and should settle down in a few weeks or so. They change all the time, just when you think you understand them, they go ahead and change what they do. Don't be afriad to feed him often if he needs the calories. Hope this helps you though.

hey kyze,
its funny you say this as my little man is going through the exact same thing right now. Apparently its a growth spurt and pretty normal. Did he sleep alot the week before he started feeding more often? if you can, its probably better to feed him more during the day so he won't wake up, or as often, during the night, also to keep your supply up.
good luck wink

northern nsw, Hunter born 22/2/06

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