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Help with Formula Lock Rss

I'm a new Mum and need some help with Formula. I'm giving my 5 week old Heinz Nurture but it doesn't seem to be filling her up, are some formula's thicker than others and therfore fill baby up???? The Heinz doesn't appear to be very thick. I've read that Karicare is good but don't want to go changing formula's if they are all generally the same.

Gena, NSW, Mum to Charlie 15/04/06


Its hard work being a new mum!!

My son is on Karicare HA-AR, at first he was on the Normal Karicare and feeding every 3 hrs, then I changed him to the thickened Karicare as he started going 4 - 4 1/2 hrs between feeds and sleeping longer over night.. So I assume it was filling him more..

Its worth a try, It wont hurt her!!

Good luck.. Let me know how you go..


i first gave my boy (curretly 3 weeks) heinz nurture. it was on sale so thats why i chose that brand. but his first taste of it was a kodak moment. he had a facial expression of utter discust. the second time he had it he threw it all up. now i have a tin full of unused formula - what a waste.

so my MIL bought some s-26 for him and he takes it really well

i breastfeed in the day and give him the S26 at night because he seems to settle so much better from it.

buy a small tin of it to see if she likes it better. otherwise try giving her a bigger bottle of it

good luck

Harley's Mum - April 2006

hi, u can buy sachets of karicare infant starter formula from some supermarkets. they're good to test whether ur bub will like it. i'm pretty sure i saw smaller tins of formula at a pharmacy the other day, but since i'm breastfeeding exclusively, didn't really look closely enough to see what the size was.

Sam, mum to Summer 14/03/06

When my daughter was born (she is now 4.5 mths) we started her on Heinz that didn't seem to work so we went to Karicare (normal) and then HA-AR and none of them seemed to work as they were not filling her so we changed her again to 'Goat Formula' and this seems to do the trick. Have been told by health nurse that this formula is better as it has more nutrients and all that stuff in it. She now can go up to maybe if i am lucky 5 hours before she wants another bottle, and i have found since she has been on this formula she is sleeping all night.

Hope you find something

Fiona, boy 2.5 yrs, girl 4.5 mths

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