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Karicare goats milk formula $$$$$ Lock Rss

i live in sydney and use the karicare goats milk formula. it used to be $23.99 at woollies, but has now gone up to $25.99. It is $27 at franklins. does anybody know where it can be bought for less! eg. a chemist or independent supermarket?? any help would be appreciated!


I have the same problem as you. my son was on it when he was born and it was only about $22 now i have my daughter on it and it has just gone up to $25. I get mine from safeway.
In my town, safeway is the only people that have it.

I have thought about ringing the company on the tin and asking them about getting it somewhere other than the supermarket that maybe a little cheaper.


Fiona, boy 2.5 yrs, girl 4.5 mths

Try Ozepharmacy, they have it listed on their website for $25.25, they are located at the Hills Homemaker Centre Castle Hill or I think that you can order online, they have alot of baby products cheaper than the supermarkets. The website is smile

Gena, NSW, Mum to Charlie 15/04/06

i'm in melbourne i saw it at coles today for $22

but at our chemist it's only $21 that's the cheapest i've seen it but i think our chemist must be a "stockist" foe karikare cause there all cheaper the normal one is only $14 and it's $17 in safeway!! so maybe try a few chemists

katie VIC dd 30/8/03 dd2/4/06

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