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refusing formula but not the bottle Lock Rss

Anyone have any experience with this?
My 11 week old is breastfed but we wanted to try and give her a top up of formula after her 10pm feed to help her sleep through, but she refuses it. I know it's definitely the formula that she's refusing because she takes expressed breastmilk with no problems. I also tried giving it to her after giving one breast, she refused, but then happily took the other breast, so it's not because she's full. Have tried Heinz Nurture and S26, but don't want to buy out the pharmacy just to find one she likes! Help!

Gorgeous Audrey b.March 2006

Hi Verity,

I just wanted to let you know that one of my friends had the exact smae problem the baby opnly wanted breastmilk casue that was what he was used to. In her case she just kept persisting with giving him breast milk as he wouldnt take any formula she said it almost broke the bank ..... she ended up havaing o give the formula away to other friends in the end due to its short shelf life.

I hope you have better luck.


Jacki (NSW), Caitlyn Grace born 3/4/2006

Are you able to mix the two??? Not sure as I've never used formla before, but if you could slowly introduce some into your own bottled milk it could work.

Mandy, and baby Ava May (born 02.03.06), Adelaide

hi verity, sounds like you would like to get some extra sleep?
unfortunalty giving formula is no guarantee of getting a longer sleep.
it sounds like you've got a very clever little baby , she knows what's good for her. your milk is the best thing for your baby. introducing formula could negatively affect breastfeeding.
maybe you could try giving the expressed milk instead if you really want her to have a bottle before bed.
at 11wks your baby probably still has a pretty little tummy , so it's normal for her to wake for feeds.

mum of 3 girls

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