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Fussy Drinker Lock Rss

i have a 11 week old baby girl. She will drink 80 mls fine and then fusses around. she can drink 160 as she has done before. she feeds 4 hourly and is quite content. but i worry she should be drinking more. Anyone with advice would be much appriceiated.

Mum of Layla-Rose

ey my little girl was the same. try not to worry she may be going through a growth spurt or something. if she is still putting on weight and everything then she will be fine, try not to worry

mother of summa-lee and jaxsen

hey amber my 10 week old bub was exactly the same until i realised she will only drink her bottle warm. she's a slow drinker and will drink 150mls in about 30mls so i'd haveto have a glass of hot water next to me to keep the bottle in it to maintain the warmth of the milk... also try putting your bub on her tummy during feeds or after the 80mls and rub her back gently...
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