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hi there
bubs is now 9 wks old and i'm worried my supply isn't so great. He will suck for about 5 mins then fall asleep, and we have to try and wake him up so he can complete the feed (otherwise he is up an hour later) - sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. I'm not sure if he is having to work too hard to try and get some milk so was going to try topping up with some formula. Any advice re what type of bottle/teat? or is this not an issue? We have tried using the avent bottles but he seems to just let it sit in his mouth (even when he hasn't fed yet)

mum to a cheekey monkey DS 23/03/2006

hey i use the avent bottles with pigeon teats on them they fit great. i found the avent teats to big and also the pigeon teats are like your nipples so there wont be any nipple confusion, hope this help, good luck

mother of summa-lee and jaxsen

My DD now 10 wks. Since born she is bottle feeding and I found out the best teat that suit her little mouth and slow flow is pigeon. Avent is too big.

ef_joe, NSW, jonathan almost 4 yo, jocelyn 3mth

My baby was also a sleepy feeder, but it got easier as she got older and she became more aware. But I do remember it being REALLY hard to keep her awake and wondering if she was getting enough milk etc. This is what I tried - I would tickle her cheek, gently blow on her face, tickle her feet or pretend to pull my nipple out. All of these seemed to work to some degree. But I wanted to let you know that it should get easier, so don't give up on breastfeeding just yet.....

Mandy, and baby Ava May (born 02.03.06), Adelaide

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