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Not enough milk? Lock Rss

My 2month baby girl drinks so much milk, I feel like i'm always feeding her constantly at night starting from about 5:00pm to 9:30pm, and my milk supply gets so low to the point where i have none left in one of my breasts at one stage of the night. I love breast feeding, I love feeling that bond with my daughter, so I don't want my milk to dry up. Does anyone know how i can increase my milk supply?

Bec, Chloe Alexandra 3.4.06 & Jack Walter 19.7.08

have you tried expressing? i think that will increase production, and as she gets bigger and needs more feeds you can reduce the amount you express so she gets to have more. that way you will always have more than you need so that you are ready for her increased needs.

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Hi Bec,
I have a 3.5 month old and some days I seem to have lots of milk and other days I seem to have little milk. Sometimes I think my baby has drained me but cos I felt she could have more, I let (sometimes even force) her to stay on my breast a little longer, even if it's just to suckle on a supposedly empty boob. A while later, a letdown happens. I don't know where the milk comes from but it is certainly a lot more than I thought I had left (which was nothing!) Well sometimes I give up on her cos she'll constantly pull off my nipple and forcing her doesn't work. That's when my milk supply really drops and I try getting her to drink more at her next feeding.

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Hi Cookiemoo,

I'm the same as you regarding the supply almost gone by evening.

I have started expressing all of Ollies feeds except for his middle night feed (I always seem to have oodles of milk at that one)....

The first few times I tried to express it was hopeless....but it got better. I have to massage my breasts as I express....first up of a morning it flows the best...I get about 240 mls at that gives me a feed and top ups for the rest of the day....

By evening I usually can only get about 50mls....

I have been expressing every 2 hours the past 3 days and after lunch today I managed to get 150ml off....thats usually only 80ml.... Also been eating rolled oats for breaky...I read somewhere they help...

I hope your supply gets better. I feel so miserable that breastfeeding isnt working how I expected, but at least Ollie is getting the milk...even if its not how I expected....


Kat - 23yo & Ollie - Born 18.04.06

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