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Feeding a Jaundiced Baby Lock Rss

This is my first post.

My husband and I welcomed a baby boy into the world 2 weeks and 1 day ago (17 May 06). As he was in a breech presentation, we had an elective caesarean section. Due to not being 'pushed' out vaginally, the little tacker ended up with 'wet lungs' and was placed into a humicrib for 2 days. Although we tried him on the breast straight away he was breathing too fast to suck properly, so I expressed colostrum and transitional milk in the meantime.

On day 3 or 4, we were able to have our little boy room in with us in the hospital and we tried to get breastfeeding going. As his breathing was still a little laboured this was unsuccessful most of the time. In addition, on day 6 he then became more jaundiced and it was necessary to have blood taken to check his bilirubin levels. On day 7 he was put under the UV lights for a total of 19 hours, and then was able to breastfeed while I used a nipple shield. We were able to go home on day 8.

Since coming home, we have had a whole heap of conflicting advice regarding how often to feed him, how much he should be taking from each breast, etc. We ended up back at the paediatrician's office yesterday because we were concerned at just how sleepy he is most of the time. We have to wake him to feed and are doing so every 3 hours. We have also been recommended to comp his feeds with 50-60 mls of formula to ensure that he is hydrated enough and can gain weight. When we weighed him yesterday he had not gained any weight in the 6 days he was home from the hospital.

ANY advice would be appreciated on how long it takes for jaundice to resolve, if anyone has had success with complementary formula feeds, and encouraging a jaundiced baby to suck.



hi snoozy,
first congrats on the birth of your son.

my son is 3mths now. when he was born he suffered respitory distress and was under o2 for 2days. I tried him on breast but to stressful so did same as you and expressed- which was then feed to him via tube. day 3 he became jaundice and was put under lights. he was under uv for 3 days. on day 6 i was allowed him in my room and could breastfed- but he very sleepy had to keep waking him up. The advice they gave at that point was to feed every 3hrs and to give 20mins one side 20mins the other. Sometimes took over an hour to feed him. on day 7 the jaundice was back so back under lights and back to expressing. day 8 they sent us home as levels had dropped but 2 days later still jaundice. after repeated visits to paed he is finally ok. the jaundice lasted till he was 2 and 1/2 months. paed told me that it could be breastmilk jaundice- this just means the breastmilk slows down the bilirubin elimination via the liver.- so sometimes it can take a while.

i dont know how you can encourage them to suck- with aaron he would fall asleep and just stroking him cheek or playing with ear would wake him up and he would feed.

we were told also to feed him every 3hrs and to give formula if needed to prevent dehydration. we didnt need to give comp feeds- but the one thing people have told me about comp feeding is that bubs may find it easier to feed out of a bottle and wean themselves off breast.

i hope in all my rambling i made sense
good luck with it hopefuly it wont take as long to resolve the jaundice as ours did.

keep us posted on your progress.

I also had a jaundiced baby she developed it on Day 3 and spent about 1 1/2 days on the billi bed.
I was unable to BF her in hospital as she would only stay awake and suck for a minute of 2 before she would go back to sleep, and nothing could wake her. So I expressed and bottlefed her my BM + gave her comp about 50mls ( Karicare) to give her about 100mls every 3 hours.
We went home from hospital on Day 6 and I continued to express BF and comp. We had to keep getting her Billilvels checked every day for the first few days ( they stayed high for about 4 days) and in all the jaundice lasted about 2 months.
I ended up stopping breast feeding at about 3 weeks because my daughter also had reflux so any BM I could get into her she would projectile vomit up shortly after.
I knew that to clear the jaundice she needed to have as much milk as she would take and it was heartbreaking to stop BF, but for my mental health and to help her keep some food in it was the best solution for us.
Once she was on the thickened formula she started to put on some weight.
Good luck your bub.

Min, NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05

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