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Breastfeeding Lock Rss

If you had of read my post properly, I stopped breastfeeding because I was stressed and sore. I don't drink or smoke, never have, I was merely suggesting that if women do so its not better to breast feed. In regards to being under pressure, I can only go on my experience but I was under pressure form my other half and his family, the new mother at work, the midwife at the hospital, the midwife when I came home and now the new mothers group I am in, who all breastfeed. Throughout the past two months I have had to answer too many "Why?" questions and have felt like they are suggesting I am a bad mother for not breastfeeding. That is my experience and my opinion. The choice to stop breastfeeding came because I was starting to get depressed and the final straw was when I had spent a whole day in tears from the pain of a severely damaged nipple, which finally the doctor told me to rest. I in no way have to justify my actions. If you had of read my last line I wrote that the choice I have made has been a good one for both Jessika and I na dultimatley my other half and our relationship as I am no longer depressed. My whole point is if you breastfeed good on you, but if you are a woman who is feeling the same pressures I have don't be afraid to do what is best for you and your baby and bottle feed. It works for my family.

Baby: Jessika

Hi LeahL,

Yes,I did read your post properly and maybe if you had left the 'like i was' part out,I would not have misinterpreted what was written.

I am sorry you had such a terrible time with the whole issue and glad all is going well now.

Julie~mum to Jordyn-12,Jai-9,Eli-5,Kayne-10months!

You have a great attitude. Having 3 boys under 3 (under 4 now...this message was posted nearly 12 months ago) would be a challenge as it is (I have 2 boys under 2) let alone breastfeeding at the same time. You need to have your body back sometime.



Hi Lesley

Im ZacsMum and have a 4 week old baby.
Breastfeeding started off really well but the last week it has become frustrating cause bub wont latch on properly and most times pulls off after a minute or so, and the night feeds aree really frustrating due to sleep deprivation and lastly both of my wrists ache from supporting his head at the breast.
It appears as though i dont have enough milk for him.
I express after most feeds to help boost my supply.

Do you have any tips for me

Thanx smile

2 Under 1

Hi ZacsMum,

I have twin boys - nearly 2 months, and I can relate to what you say, the only thing I could say to you is just keep trying and keep thinking about our baby - breastfeeding is hard (I have wanted to give up so many times) but it gets easier each time you feed your baby. The less you stress the more you and your baby will enjoy the time. If you find that your baby is still not latching try taking him away from the breast and "talking" to him, as for the night feeds just think one day he will sleep right through (One of my twins slept right though at 5 wks) and then you miss those quite times in the middle of the night.

To everyone else who has written, you are all right - breastfeeding is a great thing but some people are unable to breastfeed for whatever reason, as long as they have tried then they should not feel guilty about bottlefeeding their baby, when my babies were born I had to breastfeed and then top up with bottle, because I had a C-Section and then I was stressed as things hadn't happened as I had wanted then to my milk took a while to come in, I kept at it and with encouragement from friends and family I now have two healthy, full breastfeed twin boys - and I love each feed as it is just about the only time I get to have quite one on one time to gaze into each babies eyes and tell them how much I love them!

Whatever you choose to do as long as your baby is healthy that is all that matters!

Good luck

i know wahat they did b4 formula as my mil bottlefed her 5 sons who range in age from 45-35 she gave them carnation milk with penta vite

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Just a hint for anyone who is planning to breastfeed. When pregnant during the last few months or so rub wool fat on your nipples at night. You can buy it from the chemist. My mum swore by it having breastfed three kids and bought it for me. I was a bit sceptical but did what she said and I have not had one ounce of trouble breastfeeding. Apparently the wool fat prepares the nipple for breastfeeding so helps stops cracking and sore nipples.

I think you will find that most mums want the best for their bubs and will give breastfeeding a go. Some women just can't do it though and I feel so sorry for those put on a guilt trip for not doing so. I know one girl who just didn't have any milk even two weeks after the labour and the midwife was pretty much telling her she was a horrible mother if she dare put a bottle to her bub's mouth. This poor girl was in tears already feeling bad about not being able to breastfeed but to have that said to her, I thought was just horrible. As long as baby is fed and well looked after I don't think anyone should judge any mother or her choices

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

I am still deciding on whether to express or use formula. I would like to breastfeed, but I have grown up with eczema all my life & of all the places, it had to rear its ugly head on my breasts & I have found now that i "leak" a bit, its getting worse, so I dont want to risk infection when it comes to breastfeeding (with the possibility of passing any bugs onto bubs also), but I also wonder if I will be able to express at that rate since its irritating my skin now and gets pretty sore.
It was really nice to see my m/w the other day, who hasnt been the best but seems to be much better now, she made a comment about one of her patients being pushed into breastfeeding in hospital & how its our choice & we shouldn't be pushed into b/f, especially considering many are feeling very delicate after giving birth.
On the note that if I could I would, I also wonder what the real advantages are as I was breastfed by my mother & have eczema, hayfever & allergies to several different things, then I consider my brother, who was also breastfed and was always sick with ear infections and colds as a toddler, yet breastmilk is ment to help because of mothers immunity being passed through in the milk etc.

Good luck to all & the choices they make, either way it cant be easy breastfeeding, and we also know the negative view that is being placed on bottlefeeding.

Arna & Paije (29/09/04)

My 1st son is a month old already and i have been breast feeding the whole time. I couldnt get him on as I have inverted nipples in the hospital and none of the midwives were experianced with this, so I persevered in hand expressing and syringing the breast out of my boobs. I didnt have much at all as it was only coloutru and i fed it to him via the syringe. Than one night a midwife introduced the nipple sheild ti me (I had never heard of it before) and ever since i have been fine.
i got mastitis in the 1st week and he wasnt latched on properly. I got very sick just with a "flu" and a bit of nipple cracking and pain but other than that nothing bad has happened. I hope it doesnt as I plan to feed for at least 6 months and go back to casual work in 2. I feel happy i persevered and kept going through the mastitis as I have laways dreamt I would b/f. As I needed a emerg. c-sec, i didnt get to experiance natural birth so im glad it all worked out.

mum to bayden 25/02/05

I know i'm probably going to step on some toes here but I have to totally agree with Jordy. I just dont get the whole 'drying up' and 'no milk' thing.

Sorry, but if women couldn't breastfeed, how did the human race survive this long. Breastfed babies have a lower risk of diabetes, excema, asthma, heart and lung disease and numerous other diseases. Not to mention mothers who breastfeed their babies are at lower risk aswell. Mothers are also at lower risk of developing breast and ovarian cancers.

It really annoys me when people have a hard time breastfeeding one baby and then don't even try with the next. Remember all babies are different. Your brand new baby has never done this before either and needs to learn how to do it properly, just like you. Some mothers are shown how to do it wrong and babies develop bad attaching habits as a result.

Women go through mastites, thrush, engorgement, milk fever etc. It makes you wonder why mother nature made something soo natural as breastfeeding soo difficult to establish. Some people have an easy time with no problems and feed for 12 months or more. I went through all of these problems but was soo determined to breastfeed that I stuck with it and now 8 weeks on, its wonderful.

The reason women feel guilty about giving up breastfeeding is because it your gut concience telling you that what you are doing is wrong, and that you should be sticking with it. Its for you babies sake.

Some mothers complain that they couldn't handle the 2 hourly feeds, the painful feeding, the time it takes to feed a baby. Well this is a wake up call, what did you expect when you fell pregnant. This is what happens when you have a baby. Newborn babies arn't supposed to go anymore than 2 hours between feeds. Just because your baby wont last 3 hours doesn't mean that you milk is "no good".

There is NO SUCH THING as breastmilk thats "not good enough"

No doubt like Jordy i'll cop a few angry comebacks, but just think about it for a sec. Breast feeding is 'supply by demand' the more you feed, the more you make. When you start supplementing with bottles, is when your supply will start to drop. You loose your supply BECAUSE you are supplementing, not the other way around.

For heavens sake, women who adopt can breastfeed. They just attach the baby to the breast while feeding milk through a tube. Eventually the women starts to make milk. So surely if a women who hasn't been through labour can produce milk, a mother who has, must definatly be able to.

Just to let you all know, once you have stopped breastfeeding, your body will continue to produce milk for 3 months afterwards. You can put a baby on a bottle for a few months and then go back to the breast. So come on.... this is mother natures way of telling you, women are supposed to feed their babies.

Breast is best!!!

Laneisa, QLD, 5 kids + baby Flynn 24/02/05

3 cheers for lesley,laneisa and jordy!! BUT ... I don’t think mums who have not breastfed should feel guilty. It is not a mother’s fault of if she has never been given the facts, or the correct advice, regarding breastfeeding. I think it is the fault of our society and our poor health system which fails to educate, assist and support new mothers - also at fault for closing down our Human Milk Banks, which could help with the miniscule number of cases where breastfeeding is not possible. I do take offence at the “mother’s choice” argument, though. Those who say that mothers have a “CHOICE” of feeding methods, obviously assume, firstly, that formula feeding is an equal or equivalent exchange for breastmilk and secondly, that it is THE MOTHER who is most affected by this choice. It is in fact THE BABY who is most affected by feeding options, in the short AND long term. As opposed to listing the benefits of breastfeeding, I like to see this as the RISKS involved with FORMULA feeding. These babies have a higher risk of allergies, chest infections, ear infections, diarrhoea, obesity, diabetes, cancers, childhood lymphomas, cardiovascular disease, meningitis, eczema, chronic intestinal disease, S.I.D.S., speech and eyesight deficits, dental and orthodontic problems and will have lower IQs, than if they had been breastfed. They also have decreased protection from their regular immunisations. If you don’t believe all the research, you only have to spend a day or two in an outpatients dept or a GP’s surgery to see the difference between the breastfed and the non-breastfed. Over 90% of children who are hospitalised in their first year of life , are artificially fed. Any breastfeeding is definitely good feeding, we all know that. However, what is not so well publicised is that to get the full benefit from breastmilk it needs to be exclusive breastfeeding [i.e. NOTHING past the lips BUT BREASTMILK, not even water!!] for the first 6 MONTHS of life. On the health scale, the partially breastfed child is closer to the non-breastfed than to the exclusively breastfed. Many see artificial /synthetic milk as the ‘second best thing’ to breastmilk. In fact the 2nd choice after breastfeeding is the mother expressing milk and feeding it to the baby, 3rd is for expressed milk from another woman [i.e. from a Human Milk Bank] and 4th and last choice is artificial milk. Artificial milk is marketed as a ‘scientific’ combination of ingredients that is supposed to be like human milk, but there is no ‘recipe’ for human milk. Even if we did know all of it’s constituents, it is beyond even the best technology to recreate a copy. These powders are not routinely checked for content either. However,there have been several instances where random tests of infant formula have shown bacterial and elemental contaminants that risk infant health. There are only minimal standards in place regarding the production and sale of synthetic milks. Yes. Breast is best ... but more importantly, FORMULA feeding is RISKY! Think of the babies, and breastfeed!! and if it is difficult, seek help! Cheers! jm P.S. Smoking and not breastfeeding is far more risky for a baby than smoking and breastfeeding - because of all the protection breastmilk can offer.
Way to go JM!!! I have exactly the same thoughts about the whole breastfeeding issue. It makes me soo mad when people put their 'lack of sleep' and 'inconvenience' before the health of their babies.

Mothers have a responsibility and owe it to their babies to breastfeed, or at least make a damn good effort at it.

When I had my son (8 weeks ago) I caught my Mother In Law feeding him a bottle of water while I was asleep in the hospital. I was soo angry that she thought she had the right to do it without my permission. It completley screwed up all intentions I had of EXCLUSIVLEY breastfeeding. I'm still angry with her to this day. My hubby cant see what the big deal is and defends her which makes it worse. I will never leave him with her. I just cant trust her not to try something like this again.

Laneisa, QLD, 5 kids + baby Flynn 24/02/05

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