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tongue tie Lock Rss

Has anyone had their babys tongue tie snipped? We have been told our son has a slight tongue tie. He is having problems attaching without a shield and we are considering getting his tie snipped.
Thanks Marnie.


We had our son's tongue tie snipped when he was two weeks. We were having real trouble with feeding, but once it was done we have improved tremendously. He was more bothered by having the doctor's fingers in his mouth than the actual snip. From my experience I would definately recommend it.

My son was born with a severe tongue tie. He ended up being bottle feed.

None of the nurses at the hospital picked it up. I had huge troubles feeding. I started with a sheild, but he just wasn't getting enough, then went to bottle (formula) and he was so much happier.

It wasn't until we went to the paediatric surgeon for groin hernia that it was picked up. He snipped it, at 6 weeks and we had a much happier baby.

He didn't have any trouble with having it snipped.

Good Luck,


mum of two

hi marnie i had my daughters tounge snipped when she was 11 weeks old it has helped tremendously and she wasfine after it was done she feed straight away and ddint seem to have any discomfort that night.

Jacki (NSW), Caitlyn Grace born 3/4/2006

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