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slow feeder and how many mLs??? Lock Rss

hi everyone i was just wanting some advice from real people. my baby girl is 8 days old and weighed 4878grams when born. she is currently well within the limit of the 10% body fat allowed to lose. she has lost a little weight but is 10 grams heavier than her discharge weight. i have been having mid wife visits at home this week and they are all telling me that Hannah should be drinking more than what she is. she feeds every 3 to 3 1/2 hours and drinks between 80 - 110 mls, altough she is a slow feeder. she cries for her bottles, has heavy wet nappies, dirty nappies, her obs are fine and is a settled placid baby. but the midwifes seem to think something is wrong and want to send her for a ped review. what do others think? i am a first time mum and everyone is telling me something diff. sorry for the long post!! any advice would be great! smile
Hi there
I know how confusing it can be first time around with everyone saying different things.
80 - 110ml every 3 - 3 1/2hrs is great. My DS didn't take 100ml until he was well over 6 mths.
At 8 days old your little girl is still adjusting to life outside where she has to feedherself and regulate her own body temp both of which take a lot of energy.
Try not to worry. As long as she has plenty of wet and dirty nappies I would give it a week and see how her weight gain is.
Good luck and enjoy your little bub.
Hi there

Congratulations on the arrival of your little girl Hannah (beautiful name)

It is so frustrating when it's your first and everyone is giving you different advice... only you can really know what your baby wants and needs!!

As long as she is putting on weight and has wet nappies there is absolutely nothing to worry about. All babies are different and just like us adults, all babies eat different amounts!!

My son LJ is 5 weeks old and still only has 100mls at each feed...

As long as your little one is settled, content and you are happy then you are doing the right thing.

Good Luck : )

Stacey, VIC Mother of 2

Hello - congrats on your little girl. My daughter is only 4 weeks old and was the opposite - she drank too much. It wasn't until I changed bottle teats that things really began to improve. Does she fall asleep whilst feeding? They say 10-15mins is the "ideal" time frame to drink a bottle. If she's taking longer than that then maybe try a different teat??

My little girl always cried (very loudly!) for her bottle, but then I realised that her cry was not always for food - sometimes it was wind in her tummy. She just needed to be picked up, comforted until she stopped crying and put back down again.

I too am a first time Mum and I think as long as they're feeding and sleeping well and nappies are regularly wet and soiled then you must be doing a good job. Trust your instincts - she is your baby!

Mum2Matilda 9-5-06

Congratulations !!!!!!!!!What beautiful name

Midwives are great but sometimes they are more trouble than they are worth

It is scary enough being a first time mum let alone with conflicting information

My baby was 4350g born and he was just a porker and diddnt loose any weight but the midwife gave me a formula to work out how much your baby needs

weight x 150 / how many feeds per day (I am genious but I work that out to be jsut over 90ml )

If you are still concerned maby take your midwives advice and go and see a doctor just for peace of mind. Also taking a newborn to the doctors surgery is sometimes easer said than done (maby I am just a chicken )

You are very lucky to have a setled and placid baby , by the sounds of things .....just rest up and enjoy your placid baby (I am very jelious )

hope everything works out well

Let us know how you go

hi meags

geez if that what midwife reckons sumthing must be wrong with my bub he weighed 2480g when born and is 8wks old and he only wakes 4 feed every 4hrs and drinks between 120-140mls and that for a 8 wk bub. if i were u i wouldnt worry too much.

Kylie... Jordan, Indiana and Tyson born 3month ear

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