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HELP- breast refusal!!! Lock Rss

I am hoping that some of you lovely mummies can help me. The last few days my 13 week old has started to refuse one of my boobs! She arches her back, cries, screams and goes all tense. And it seems to be just on my left side. After a while I give up, express and she drinks the whole lot with no problems. What am I doing wrong????? It seems to be the day feeds (7am is fine, so is 10pm) so I'm a little concerned about this happening if I'm out somewhere and I don't have a bottle of EBM. This happened at my mothers group during the week and it was a little bit embarrassing to have her crying so much. But as soon as I moved her away from my boob she stopped crying and was fine! I thought I might try a few different positions tomorrow in case she has been uncomfortable (although we've never had problems before). Is this just a phase? Is it normal? Any advice would be appreciated.....

Mandy, and baby Ava May (born 02.03.06), Adelaide

My bub sometimes gets cranky when feeding and refuses, it is because of my letdown, it is very forceful and causes her to splutter and gag sometimes. Maybe this could be a reason???? Just thought I would share that, this is my first bub and we have just got the hang of feeding. But yes, maybe try new positions.
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