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How much and how often should i be feeding my 10 week old? Lock Rss

My 10 week old son Noah has between 120-170mls every 3-4 hours during the day and then will sleep from 6pm to 2.30am and will wake for a feed then sleeps from then till around 6-7am. I am a new mum and i am still learning all the basics. I only feed him when he wants it. Currently its every 3-4 hours because he has a cold, usually he will go around 4-5hours during the day.
Am i feeding him correctly should he still be drinking every 3-4 hours or should he be going longer. Thank you

Lisa, WA, Noah 22/03/06, Baby #2 EDD 17/05/08

Sounds like you are doing a great job!
My son bottle feed every 2 1/2 - 3 hours up until 7mths so I wouldnt worry about him still feeding 3 -4 hourly. Each baby is different and has different needs and feeding pattens.
Keep doing what you are doing it seams to be working for both of you.

My boy Daniel is now 7 weeks old and is having roughly the same amount as Noah and at the same rate. He tends to just graze in the mornings though and will cat nap, 1 hour here and 20 mins there. Basically I just feed on demand and he seems to be thriving so I must be doing something right!! He has recently started to sleep for a 6 to 7 hour stretch at night which is great but even if he wakes during the night he goes 2 stretches at 4 to 5 hours so not too bad.

I have checked with the community nurse if it's possible to over feed and she said no, if they take too much they will throw it back up and he doesn't do that so I'll just carry on doing what I'm doing.

Sounds like you are doing the right thing anyway and if Noah is happy and gaining weight steadily then that's your evidence.

My little girl is 9 weeks this Saturday (10/6) and she takes approx 150mls every three hours during thee day and then from 9pm to 6am sleeps. She's on approx 6 feeds a day.

Christine - Olivia 8/04/06 & Christian 26/04/07

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