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bowel movements Lock Rss

MY newborn is 1week old and shes on the bottle as she cant take the breast. Yesterday she didnt have a bowel movement and just wandering if that is normal for a bottle feed baby? She isnt complaining still sleeping and feeding and wetting her nappy and settling just fine and is there anything I can do to help with making her have a bowel movement???????????????????
Is that the first day that she has not done a poo??

Whe n iswitched khiarah to bottle my CYH nurse said with a bottle they can not go for a couple of days before you sohuld owrry. however khiarah is as regular as a clock.... one in the morning. afternoon and at night.

WATER is good. I have also heard onethis website to give raw sugar in water... dont know how much as never had to do it... I jsut give khairah some water about an hour after a meal.


Hi Chans,

My little man was also bottle fed, as he couldn't feed properly on the breast.

The formular definetly makes them a little more constipated. My son would only go every few days. It didn't seem to bother him though. I just made sure he was having a little water.

We also had a little girl in our M-Group who only went once a week. It didn't seem to cause her any trouble.

Good Luck,


mum of two

Hi Chans,
My baby is 4 weeks old and started on the bottle 3 days ago as my nipples were soooo painful and cracked. When he was on the breast, he had poos just about every nappy change. Once on formula, it slowed right down and he didn't actually have a poo for 24hrs. And no wonder, it was a very different texture than a breast poo! My health care nurse told me to put a bit more water in his formula ( an extra 5 - 10 ml ). I did this and he has a movement now twice a day - sometimes only one - but they are doozies. Before my bubs passed his first formula poo he was pretty unsettled and restless - but over the next few days, he was fine.
hope this helps.
Linda xx

Vic,Mum to Cody & Riley, due 26/5

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