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hi i have a little princess who'll soon be 12 weeks and for the past 3 days as constantly wanted feeds.
im bottle feeding at the moment NAN formula and in the morning she can drink up to 150mls every 1.5hrs from about 9 untill ubout 2 which is when she goes down for a nap until about 5-6pm. when she is up she has another constant feed up until 930pm which she'll then sleep thru until about 4am.. another quick top up an down again..

is it that the formula isnt keeping her full enough for longer or is it just a growth spurt..? just want to know what i can do to get her back to 3hrly feeds...
Sounds like a growth spurt to me. My MCHN said all babies have one at around that age.

I would give it another few days of feeding her when she wants it, or maybe just add another 50mls to the bottle, see if that makes any difference. But if she is still wanting more in a weeks time, you might have to stretch her out a little.

Good Luck

mum of two

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