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Lactose Intolerant???? Lock Rss

please help me!!! My son is 4 1/2 weeks old and for the past 3 weeks he has been on formula. I heard that s26 gold was a good start and the closest to breastmilk but found him to be really unsettled after each feed. putting it down to really bad colic i have tried brauer colic relief which didnt help at all!!! I then tried infants friend which sort of helped but didnt if you know what i mean?? I tried changing formula last week to karicare gold and found that didnt work either. today i went to my local chemist and asked the pharmacist if she could recommend anything and she said my son maybe lactose intolerant and suggested i try him on karicare de-lact. my sons symptoms are:
really unsettled after feeding, crying, stiffening his body, kicking his legs and punching his fists into mid air. he poos every 24hrs, a thick/runny green poo and farts like ALL the time, i mean ALL the time!!!!! I am unfamiliar with lactose intolerant as it dosent run in either mine or my hubbys family? what do you think?

first_time_mum 09/05/2006

I think it is defenatly worth a visit to your GP to discuss your concerns. To test for lactose intolerance they just get you to collect a poo sample and send it off for testing. The other thing it might be reflux, even if your bub is not throwing up it could be silent reflux.
Good luck I hope you get things sorted soon
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