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Which formula do you use? Lock Rss

Hi ladies

Just wondering which formula you all found the best (or worst). I am currently using S26 Gold as it was the one my husband grabbed from a late night pharmacy when we were discharged from hospital!

I don't really have any problems with it but it is very expensive and I wondered if there is really much difference between all the formulas?

Thanks for your advice!

Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

Hi joski

I use nan for Ds because that's what my sister used. S26 is the most like mothers milk. There are plenty of different ones out there but the are pretty much all the same. Heinz has one that a lot of mothers like and it's cheaper about $12 I think. I pay $13.99 for nan. But my best advise is to shop around and don't buy it from the supermarket. Pharmacy's are mostly cheaper by about $3 or more dollars. And not all pharmacy's are the same price so just pop in to a couple and have a look. Best of luck with the little one.

DS 13months

i used s26 gold for my son when he was 1 week old as i was told by the pharmacist that it was the closet formula to breast milk. Since then i have changed to karicare gold and now i am on karicare de-lact. reason being i have had problems with all three and about to change again. it really is a matter of trial and error as not all babies take to certain formula.

As i eliminate certain brands he seems to be getting alot better. I spoke to a nurse at my local phamacy last week and she advised me to try the de-lact because my son maybe lactose intolorent. Now im told that he may have silent reflux and to try karicare goats milk.

To cut a long story short it depends on the baby and whether or not they like it. My sister inlaw tried to put her son on heinz as it was cheap and it was a kodak moment from his expression. Theres no harm in trying different formulas to suit your budget and bubbys needs like i said its a matter of trial and error. Goodluck.......

first_time_mum 09/05/2006

Hi joanne. I was using s26gold for my baby and had no problems until she was on it for about a month. Then she stoped eating and pooing. I then changed to Nan ha as it is easy for them to digest. s26 was just to strong and thick. Hope everything works out for you.

Mum of Layla-Rose

We use Nan, it was offered to us by the hospital when breastfeeding didn't work out. Jess has had no issues with it.

melissa,VIC, jessica 05/05/06 morgan 02/07/07

I was breast feeding only for the first 8 weeks but had to use formula coz she wasn't getting enough. My Mum recommended s26 coz that was what she used - my dd didn't poop for a couple of days but i was told by the doctor & the pharmasist that starting on formula can have that affect.
I guess it all just depends on your budget & what your bub likes.
Yes some of them are thicker but a thicker formula isn't a bad thing, it actually lines the tummy so it stays in there - to stop reflux.
Good luck with your formula hunt but i would recommend going with whatever your budget allows & whatever your baby will take without refusing it.
Kel smile

Kel, SA, Mum to Lillian Rose - 06/06/06

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