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What not to eat when breast feeding Lock Rss

I have a two week old daughter and she seems to have alot of upset bellys at night. She is quite hard to burp and I was wondering if any one knows what sort of food I should steer clear of while I am breast feeding her???
I can remember when feeding Samantha the health nurse said not to eat coliflower, peas, curries or chocolate but is there anything else as I think I am eating something that doesn't agree with Charlie!

Karlie, VIC, two beautiful daughters


I was told not to eat peas, cauliflower and anything with high acid in it at least 2 hours before feeding as it may cause baby to have baby wind or tummy pains.

Maybe try some natural wind drops to help bring up her wind.

DS 13months

my DS got upset by tomato (including any type of tomato sauce/paste), peas, cauliflower, herbs/spices, garlic, onion, chocolate, any takeaway (never knew what was REALLY in it!)...
i basically ate grilled meat with potato while i breastfed! it was very boring but as long as it kept DS out of pain it was worth it!

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