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Hi all,

Does anyone elses babies cry when they are breastfeeding. He stops in the middle of a feed, cries, then continues. Its like a bad dream.

Whats going on:~

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

My daughter can be like that at times. She can become very wriggly and restless while at the breast and then stop to cry and then gets herself back on again. I don't know for sure but I think I have an abundant milk supply and the let down is too much for her when she is like this. She also gets a lot of wind when this happens.
hi their i had the same problem with mine till she was 3mths we found my milk flow was too fast and gave her wind in her guts their was nothing we could do about it till she got used to it
Thanks guys for your responses. Things are a bit better, but it still happens! :~

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

My bub cried when i was feeding if my letdown of milk was too fast or too slow. He'll get used to it smile
Good Luck to you!
my bet would be that your little one has wind moving in his bowel. When you start to feed him the warm milk activates his bowels some thing that happens to all of us. Maybe you can rub his tummy in a clock wise direction or do some leg exerices (pushing his legs up and down to his chest bending his knees) before you feed him. Does he gulp when his feeding? because if he is thats how wind is getting to his bowel. You could also try burping him during the feed. hope it gets better for you all.
Hi Tepe

My 9 week old baby is a really fussy feeder and often pulls off the breast and starts crying. Initially I found this quite distressing as I thought she was not getting enough milk and I was starving her! A quick visit from the lactation consultant reassured me that this was just the way the baby fed and as long as she was putting on weight and having lots of wet nappies then all was ok. I still feel disappointed at times as I expected breastfeeding to be a calm, relaxing experience. But at the end of the day - a healthy baby is what matters...!

Good luck! smile

PS. You could check with your GP to see if your baby has reflux as this can cause 'fussiness' and crying while nursing.
Sometimes my baby cries while feeding and I think it is due to wind so I'll burp him. If this doesn't work and he still cries it sometimes means he's had enough and he wants to go to sleep.

SA, 2 boys

My son does the same thing as well. He also has problems with wind. I reckon it's because the let down is too fast for him. When he starts to cry I sit him up and burp him and most of the time this seems to settle him down for a while. I keep repeating this when he gets upset. Hope it helps.

Michelle, Vic, 3yo boy & 3mth Girl

My little 4 week old does the same as my milk spurts forth everywhere!!!!! What I do when I'm feeding is what's known as "feeding uphill". That is, instead of sitting upright, I move my bum to the edge of the lounge seat cushion (making sure that my back and neck are supported by cushions), and laying her on top of my belly. I also put my index finger above the aerola so as to stem the flow when it first starts, until she's settled down to feed. If she gets wriggly and comes off, I put the heel of my hand on the nipple to slow the flow and then offer it to her again. Hope this helps.

Angela, NSW

My DD2 is 4 weeks old and we have been having the same problem for about a week and a half. The CHN said that she is getting really bad tummy pains while feeding, I try lying down during the feed but it doesn't seem to make too much of a difference. The nurse said that it should settle once supply has sorted out but from what I have read from different posts it can take 3-4 mnths. I was just wondering if this is the case and if so does it get better as the weeks go on or just all of a sudden get better at 3mnths? I have been trying infacol but it doesnt make any difference.
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