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Feeding solids Lock Rss

I have now stared to feed my 13 week ol baby boy solids and he just loves it. I give him mashed pumpkin, baby gels and mashed banana mixed with a bit of formula. I hasnt had any trouble digesting nor filling up him nappies. Some people tell me it's far to early to be feeding my baby solids. Does anyone else agree, should i stop??


hi i'm alex, people say u shold wait till there 4 months old, but if his not having any trouble then don't worry about what other peole say. its an old wifes if u ask me . both my sister where eating solids by 15 weeks . but if your really worryed see your gp.


Hi well i wouldnt worry to much they do say not to start solids till they are 4mths i have started both my kids on solids way before that aswell and have had no problems my daughter was a hungry baby and my son now 4mths old is exactly the same milk just dosent seem to fill him he is now on 3 feeds a day he has cereal and fruit for breakfast then custard and fruit for lunch and vegies for tea and then sometimes after tea he has dessert he is a great little eater.I wouldnt stop now u have started if everything is going well goodluck takecare nat
Its great to hear that your baby is doing so well. I would speak to the health nurse about feeding baby soilds. I have been told by my health nurse that now that recommond that babies start soilds at the age of 6months or later it has something to do with suffering alleries later on in life. But if your baby is happy you as the parent is the only person who knows there child. I personally believe that the way you raise one child is not the way you raise the next one. If your baby is coping well keep up the good work. Ohh I also understand that theysay that they baby should be able to sit up to eat.
Enjoy these preious moments

may you sleep in the arms of an angel

hi makaylas mum well i started my daughter on solids atearly and there is nothing wrong with her first they say 4mths and then they say 6mths i personally dont think it matters whether it be 4 or 6mths of age when u start why change it all now?

And is this phrase meant to be thrown at me

I personally believe that the way you raise one child is not the way you raise the next one

i personally dont think that is true at all i am raising my son just the way i did my daughter.

And just one more thing the sitting up thing to eat i dont believe in that either as my daughter didnt learn to sit up till a late age whats the problem with them sitting in thier bouncer or you holding them sitting up?
Hi Twinkletoes,

Good on you. I started Riley on solids a week or so ago (10 weeks) because the formula wasn't sustaining his appetite. I checked with my family members about when they started their babies and also with a few nurses. They said I knew Riley better than anyone so do what I thought was best.
as soon as he had his first mouthful of baby rice... I knew it was time if not overdue, he absolutely loved it and didn't waste a bit. He has now had pumpkin, apple and Heinz varieties. I watch him really closely for bad reactions but have been fine. There's no way people can tell me he would've waited til 4 or even 6 months. He is a much happier and settled baby now.
And nope he can't sit up just yet... doesn't look too far away though

All the best
Roddena and Riley


Hi roddena thats the way i see it to all babies are different but some are just more hungry then others my mum started my brother on solids at 6 weeks and there is nothing wrong with him either i say good on you for going for it and doing what u think is best for your baby the mother is the only one that knows what is best for their children.
Most of the health nurses say not to start till 4-6 mths well 6mths it is now it isnt them that has to deal with the crying and screaming because bub is always hungry.
I hope everything goes well for you goodluck takecare Nat
i started all three of my kids on solids at about 3.5mnths and there is nothing wrong with them (now aged 9,6 and 4.5 mnths). You can tell when they are ready for solids as their formula doesn't sattisfy them anymore and this can be at different ages for different babies. No one should judge anyone else in what they decide to do with their child. I also personally believe that what most of the Maternal nurses tell you is a load of rubbish if you followed everything that they say you would turn into a neurotic mess, some things they tell you do have their merrits but your the one who has the child day in and day out so you just go with the flow......these so called experts change their minds every other week about things so i just do with my kids what i believe is right!....
just thought i'd put my 2 cents worth in


Zoe well i totally agree with you i believe also that half of what the child health nurses tell you is rubbish well the one where i live is full of rubbish anyway thats why i just go have my kids weighed and their injections and thats it.I also personally believe that no one should judge any one in what they decide to do with their child. Just a question have you raised your second ,third child the same as your first?

takecare nat.
no, i haven't raised all three of them the same they all have had completly different temprements. with the first two(who are girls) i had to practically hold them for the first six months of their lives, they were never content and didn't sleep very well, with my youngest zac he is such a good baby and very content. I believe what ever works do it!


Hi Nat

thanks for your help, Josh is now very satisfied with his Farrax and apples for breakkie, Gel's and fruit for lunch then veggies for dinner. He also has a bottle following each feed. It has gotten him into a fantastic routine. Last bottle is at 9.30pm then he sleeps til 10.30am and wakes for his farrax. As i am now a working mum this routine suites me just fine.

Hope you little darlings are doing fine.

Talk soon


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