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Nipple shields Lock Rss

I am having a lot of trouble breast feeding. My baby is 2.5 weeks old and I am expressing and finger feeding for every feed. I am trying to use the nipple shields to help with the attachment but I find it hurts after a few minutes. Are nipple shields supposed to hurt? Am I not using it correctly?

I really want to continue breast feeding but I have had enough expressing before every feed as it adds another 45 minutes to every feed. My nipples are really sore all the time. I am using Lansinoh cream but that doesn't seem to help.

Any advice is appreciated. scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

I have a sore on one nipple from poor attachment, and it is so painful when bubs first gets on. At the end of every feed I express a small amt of milk and rub it into the nipple and let it air dry - it seems to have helped and this worked well for me with my first child also.
Another thing you can try is to expose your breasts to the sunlight for a short time each day (although that may be a bit hard). Rub milk in to them then put in sun.
Hope that helps. All the best. Keep with the breastfeeding, once you get through this you won't look back. It won't hurt like this forever, it does get better. You just have to get past the next few weeks.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

I used nipple sheild 4 weeks of breast feeding (i ran out of milk)
And they dont hurt. You probally are attaching them wrong. You need to make sure your babys mouth is open as wide as it can a yawn and shove it in. If you are positioned corectly, her head will be back ever so lsightly, making her throat strigt, and you wont be able to see your areola and only the very edge of the ipple sheild where its at its biggest. Another thing is you have to use medium(standard) or large. The small ones arnt good. They will hurt and you will be red and sore from rubbing.
make sure you get the standard size or large depending on your nipples. Try that 1st. You will feel instantly better if thats the case although obviously ur nipples will still be tender for quite a few days.

mum to bayden 25/02/05

I know exactly how you feel. My baby is 7 weeks old and feeding is still a little painful. Like you I had sore cracked nipples that bled. I have suffered from mastitis, engorgement, milk fever and now thrush. I went through a stage of having to express and found it too time consuming and during the night, I wasn't getting any sleep.

After about 3 weeks, I tried the nipple sheilds and they were a godsend. But they started to hurt after a while. I found that Flynn wasn't opening his mouth and I was forcing the shield into his mouth, hence he wasn't attaching properly.

I've heard that shields can make your supply drop a little, but as long as you keep exclusively breastfeeding and not supplementing, you should NEVER run out.

I'd reccomend visiting a lactation consultant or midwife. It sounds like your attachment might need a little improvement. Also get them to check for tongue tie as this can cause breastfeeding problems.

Good luck and please hang in there with the breastfeeding.

Laneisa, QLD, 5 kids + baby Flynn 24/02/05

To get proper attachment you'll need to wet the boob first with a wet cloth, if you wet the actual shield, the water will bead and it won't stick on as well. Once its stuck on well, hand express a little milk into it so that she can smell it and will latch on.

I used the small sized one with my son and I thought the medium size was massive. I got my friend Kelly onto them and she was able to breastfeed her daughter for the first time when she was about 4weeks old, they were both so happy she also used the small one. good luck


I used the adventi nipple shields , they did the world of good for me . When I was in hospital my nipples were so sore , and I almost was going to give up on breastfeeding , but am glad I kept with it , cause it is so much easier when you go out
Nipple shiels were a godsend to me - I used them for 10 months of breastfeeding and never had a problem with supply or them hurting.They allowed me to bfeed my daughter as she couldn't latch on properly and my nipples are slightly small so it made trying to feed a nightmare until a midwife put me on to shields, I will be buying more and taking them into the hospital with me when i have number 2 in october, sure will save alot of stress!

Mel,QLD, 3yr old Nikita, no. 2 due october

I think the problem is with me, rather than the nipple shield. One midwife suggested I might havea bit of thrush caused by the antibiotics I'm taking. I'm treating that at the moment but Mackenzie seems to be latching onto the breast better so I'm not using the shields anyway. I've got it just in case things go bad again but fingers crossed that we have turned a corner!

Thanks for all the replies. scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

Glad you got it sorted, I was going to say you might have thrush, I got it on my nipples when my daughter was 6wks old and know how painful it is!!
I found the nipple shields a god seen. But sounds like your doing fine!

Karen,NZ, 5 yr old girl & 2 yr old boy

I use nipple sheilds at the moment and no there not meant to hurt. I have tried every alternitive to keep breast feeding as i had cracked nipples I did expressing, lansinoh cream, sheilds and my own breast milk to fix it but the only thing that worked was formula to feed the baby as much as i could with expressed milk but other than that formula to give my nipples a break but express to keep up the supply. My nipple are getting much better and i am now feeding on the sheilds and it's a breeze.
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