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Wont take formula Rss

My 3.5 month old baby has been exclusively breast fed from birth. This week i decided i would suppliment 1 to 2 of his feed... mainly the lunch and bed time feed because i am run down, having problems with infections in my left breast and tired and i cant keep up with expressed bm either... anyway.. he wont take a formual bottle he drinks about 20 - 50ml and then refuses to take anymore... its not like he isnt hungry because if i offer him the breast he will take it straight away.

Am just wondering if when it comes time for me to wean him completly.. which i plan to start doing and 4.5 - 5 months so he will be weaned by 6 months whether or not he will take to formula.

Has anyone else had a baby who wont take formula? Am interested to hear your stories.


Have you tried a different bottle/teat it maybe he isnt fussed with the teat and it may be giving him excess wind. Also a change in formula might be worth while.
Cheers Ness
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