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silent reflux Lock Rss

Mother of 4 week old who has gastric reflux and screams when feeding. Is there anyone else who has experienced this and breastfed. I have tried mylanta and gaviscon but no success. Willing to hear from similar parents who have or are dealing with this.

Mandy, SA 1mth baby

I know how you feel... I have a 7 week old boy, Jack and the doc thinks he has silent reflux also. We are going to a Paediatrician on Monday and hoping we can get some relief for the poor little boy. I am breastfeeding and he screams, figits etc after every feed. I have found a little relief the past couple of days with Infant's Friend and another lady told me today to try Degas (you buy it over the counter). Also try holding him over your shoulder for 30 minutes after a feed and rub his back.

I hope this helps but rest assured your not alone!! My email address if you want to chat [email protected]
There is a support group called RISA (Refluxing Infants Support Association) who are wonderful for this. I called them. They can send you out information on how to deal with it and also are there for a chat whenever.
Do you sit your child up more when bf? That can help. Also, we raised the top end of DDs cot with phonebooks under the legs.
One of the lady's at RISA said to me not to give up breastfeeding as all Ill end up with is a formula fed baby with refulx. It doesnt change a thing. Keep going, you are doing great.
By the way, my daughter was on daily doses of a medication like Losec and it helped a great deal with the pain. Didnt stop her throwing up, but at least she wasnt hurting. I hope you both find something that works for you. I totally understand what you are going through.
Our Plunket nurse thinks our 6 week old daughter has silent reflux and boy am I glad to have some sort of reason for the constant crying! The problem has been getting worse in the last few days and we were really feeling pretty low because of the crying but now that we know what we're dealing with we are feeling heaps better about it and are trying to help her by holding her upright.

She screams after every feed (I'm breastfeeding) and I have to hold her up for about two hours after each feed before she is settled enough to lie down. I've taken to carrying her in the front pack most of the day so that she sleeps otherwise she just sleeps for 20 minutes and then cries again.

I presumed I wouldn't be able to get any medication for her until Monday when we could see the doctor but my niece had silent reflux too and my sister suggested that we ring the chemist to see if infant gaviscon was "over the counter" and fortunately it was so we are trying that today. I hope it works because I hate to see her in pain!

Mum to Caitlin & Owain

thanks for replying. I will catch up with you on the email when have some time. We have Lachlan on Losec now and he seems to be doing better. I wont speak too soon but he doesn't scream on the breast when feeding as much now. I still have the arsenic hours between 5.00pm and 7.00pm but that could be the typical end of the day colic session. He is sleeping okay at night between feeds. I also have had to deal with the nappy rash from hell this week. Poor little thing. I have been trying infants friend too. Someone else said it worked for their boy. Let me now how it goes. My email is [email protected]
Cheers Belinda

Mandy, SA 1mth baby

I had the exact same symptoms with my son. I tried everything and everyone was telling me it was silent reflux until a midwife told me to go off dairy products all together and see if I have relief. Have a guess what???? He did this huge turn screaming after feeds or pulling up his legs/arms, discomfort. It is extremely hard extracting all dairy from your diet when you are breastfeeding but I am doing it still and he is a changed baby.

Here is my email if you need further info [email protected]
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