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My 4.5 week old son is exclusivley BF but has horrible wind. Have heard that giving him a dummy can help bring up his wind due to the sucking. But am worried that if I give him one he will want me less, therefore decreasing my milk. Does anyone know about this. i didn;t feed my DD cos had PND and it jsu didnt work so I really wnat to this time. Please help


hi Amber,

i don't think he will want you less, due to the fact that you have the milk, and he knows that.

i found when i was breast feeding, Kahn did not want the dummy at all he kept spitting it out, i think for the fact that the dummy was not the same as my nipple. but due to serious problems with breastfeeding and my nipples i had to go to the bottle, and once started on that he was ok with the dummy.

i know this doesn't really answer your questions, but that was my experience.

Hi Amber,

Can't say I've heard of that. Have you tried other alternatives like medication from the pharmacy? I use infants friend & it works well for me. Alot of others on here appear to use Infacol & swear by it.

As for the wanting you less if you use a dummy, I wouldn't worry, if you're exclusively BF then he'll know he needs you to feed. When you hold him, he'll be able to smell your milk & instinctively rummage for your nipple.

Good luck,

Carlie, Ella & Ky

My girl is 5weeks and is exclusivly breast fed, she also has a dummy, I tell you she knows what is the boob and what is the dummy!
If she is hungry she spits the dummy out and wont have a bare of it. They arnt Silly!
Good Luck

My little man is breastfed and he has had a dummy since day one. He is just a little sucker and so this is my only option. He knows the difference between dummy and mummy. And let me tell you that he definately doesn't feed less.

You can only give it a try and see how it works for yourself as what works for one doesn't always work for another and there's no harm in trying.

Good Luck.

Jake, Jemma & baby Brandon

My 11 week old man is breastfed and he also has a dummy with no probs.If he is sucking on his dummy just prior to a feed as soon as he sees a booby he spits it out quick smart!!!

Jack is 3.5 weeks old and has bad wind/colic since 2 weeks old. He is bf and he is also on drops called infants friend. They are great. You can use them in babies under 1month old. Jack also has a dummy. It does help with the pains and also to bring his wind up sometimes.

Don't panic about your baby wanting you less. Jack as with every other baby, knows the difference between dummy and breast. Your baby will still want to feed on you.

Good luck finding a solution that works for you and your baby.

QLD DD 2/02 DD 3/03 DD 2/05 Jack 23/3/07

I agree with girlymum the infants friend is a godsend, Ive found it better than the breur colic relief

Don't worry about him not wanting you - you've got the gold!!

The issues with dummies at such a young age is that they can confuse the sucking reflex. But if he's sucking ok then introduce the dummy and see what happens. Another alternative is using your little finger, nail down, in his mouth almost to the 2nd crease. We used this method to teach Andrea to suck at the back as she was prone to suck at the front. AT about 4 weeks her sucking was under control so we introduce the dummy. Her sucking is still fine and if she doesn''t want the dummy she either spits it out or refuses to open her mouth. Who knew a 5 week old could be so stubborn!

Unfortunatly she's now worked out that the dummy and the finger don't provide anything yummy!

Hope this helps.

Mummy to Andrea 27/04/07

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