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Baby loosing weight! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
I'm really freaking out at the moment. My DD was born weighing 3.37kg and has been breastfed with a formula dreamfeed everyday. Also I top her up with formula before we go out shopping or dinner so she lasts longer. At 5 weeks she was 4.5kg, and is now 9 weeks and was just weighed at 4.01kg. The doctor has asked for a poo sample incase she has a bug and wants me to top up every feed with formula to see if she gains weight by next week. DD seemed always on the boob up until a few weeks ago where i started her on the SOS routine and gave her set feeding times. The past couple of days I have been expressing my milk and placing half BM and half formula into bottles to equal the 180ml she should be having each feed, however she doesn't want to eat very much (she never had a problem with formula before, and likes it better with BM mixed in). Like today out of four bottles, she has only wanted 60ml + a little boob; 80ml; 160ml; and just now 60ml.
She should be having her growth spurt and eating heeps hwoever she eats little and wakes up three times per night ravenous.

I really need help please!!

Hi Amanda,

She sounds like a littler girl like mine. I always seem to struggle with weight gain. Do you have a health clinic you can visit for some advice? or tips?

If you are feeding her the bottle and she is taking what she wants, she should be happy enough. How often are you feeding her?

Don't think too much about what the books say, every baby is different.

Try not to worry too much,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

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