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regular feeding??? Lock Rss

Hi there, I have a 5 week old who is formula fed...the problem is that he doesnt eat regularly, in the beginning I breast fed him & the midwifes in the hospital insisted on feeding on demand but now he can eat 10 or 11 times a day, some feeds being 40mls & then others being 120, he was a big baby so I dont want him to go hungry but am wondering if I should withold food for a while so that he is hungry enough to take a full feed & be full enough not to get hungry in an hour & 1/2 or 2hrs later, i really need a break from this bad routine...HELP!!!

Lisa, QLD, 10 month old terror

Hi Lisa,

My Ethan is now 11 weeks old and he was the same.
What I found was I was miss reading his signs, Thought that when we woke from a sleep he was hungry but in fact he was still tired, had wind or just wanted a dummy. Now he feeds evey three hours during the day and sleeps through the night. I went to a baby and mother unit to get some advice and this is what helped me.
But if you think that he is hungry then I would feed him, or maybe try some boiled water when he would have that small feed.

Hope all goes well.


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