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Case Of Colic Lock Rss

Hey i was just wondering if there was any mums out there who have had a bad case of colic with there bub. As i breastfeed my midwife warned me of some foods not to eat that might upset bubs stomach. My mum accidently cooked a meal which contained cabbage. My son cried high pitch non-stop for about 5hours before he would let us give him some paracetamol. For a first time mum like myself i was pretty upset. Is there mums with some shocking stories themselves? Thanks
Hoana and baby amorangi
hi hoana
i am a mum to four all BF with my third child suffered badly from colic and silent reflux,i found that all the colic medications didn't work much and that wraping them tight with a warem not hot small wheat bag helped to ease the pain and move the wind,hive this a try,let me know how it goes,for beau this was the only thing that kept us sane.

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