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S26 AR Formula + Avent Teats Lock Rss

I currently have my 4 weeks old on the S26 AR formula, but am finding that the Avent #1 and #2 teats are getting blocked. I find myself sitting there for 10mins or more feeding my boy, to realise nothing is coming out. Has anyone else had this problem with thickened formula and the Avent teats?

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i use the karicare thickner and number 2 3 teats it doesnt get blocked!

maybe try gettin a 3 teat and see how that goes?
hi, i have been using the karicare HAAR formula and found the avent variable flow teats work better as they only have a single hole.

Thanks guys. I've ordered some variable flow teats from the Chemist Direct website. I've found the Avent products heaps cheaper on there. We'll see how they go. Thanks again.

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My first born wason a thinkened formula (Karicare AR) and we had the same problem, then I asked at a chemist one day what they would reccomend and they said to buy a normal formula and a tin of thickener and only put 1/2 to 1 scoop of thickener, this worked a treat, he stopped throwing up and was feeding really well, eventually I stopped with the thickener all together and he was fine on normal formula

Lisa - Tyler (06/05), Emily (05/07)

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