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Hi my 5 week old is breastfed and seems to want to constantly feed between 3pm-10pm everyday. She feeds every hour for about 30 mins between this time. During the day her feeds are every 3-4 hours. Once 10pm comes around she sleeps until 3am and has a small feed then wakes again at 7am.
I have a 3 year old and this feeding frenzy causes havoc in our house as it is dinner and bedtime for him. Does anyone have any advice for me?

sarah,qld,7yr boy, 4yr girl, 20mth girl,baby due d

not sure how you feel about this but I have just got the routines for babies of tizzie halls website ( Anyway I was really skeptical about waking my 5 week old at certain times for feeds ect but as he was getting colicky due to his feeding routine or lack of (he's bottle fed as he literally wanted to feed 18 - 20 hours/day on the breast) and I too have a toddler (2yrs). Anyway we have been doing it this week and no colicky behaviour and he (the baby who still wanted a bottle evry two hours) is feeding evry four hours instead. Plus I know whats comming next more or less. I have even been able to match their routines by making the toddlers sleep a little later so that I get 2 hours of me (or housework) time during the day.
The routines for newborns are available for bottle and breastfed newborns in this months practical parenting. My newborn is also going to bed at 7 in the evening now which is the same time more or less as my toddler so we get time out then too. The first night he went from 7pm to 5am with a feed at 10 while he was still sleeping - cross your fingers we get more of that smile
Anyway I'm a convert - it has made this house alot less chaotic and my toddler is loving the just for her time during the day and resenting her little brother alot less.
Good luck whatever you decide to try, and keep us posted

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

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