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I have a 3 week old beautiful boy who is not a bad sleeper, but can take quite a long time to fall asleep. Often he will lay calmly in his cradle (sometimes with a dummy, sometimes without), but not fall sleep between feeds. At the moment he is feeding 3 hourly during the day and 4-5 hourly at night (at the advice of the clinic nurse) because he has not yet regained his birth weight. I find I have to wake him and it's difficult to keep him awake during the feed, but by the end of the feed he is awake and then when he finally falls asleep again, it's almost time to wake him again for the next feed.
I just wanted some idea of other people's routines -how long do you wait between feeds, how long do you allow your baby to sleep through the night before feeding again... Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Hi Jen,
Firstly congratulations.
With my first I pretty much had no routine at all and used to feed every 2 hrs if that was what she wanted.
Now I have twins and have routine routine, they are feed every 4 hours still and they are 7 months old.
they were preemie so i stuck to quite a strict routine straight out of hospital.

They are fed then put into bed awake and they just settle themselves, sometimes by the time I have come back upstairs with the second one the first one is asleep.
I have only just stopped feeding them through the night over the last month.

Good luck with your little man, if you can get him into a routine early it does help. Some people love routine some dont, I have had both experiences and it is so much easier with a routine, and thats with 2 to deal with.

Most of all have fun with him and enjoy it, he is still so young so you should be able to organize him/you quite easy.


Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

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