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Reflux Medication? Lock Rss

Hello I have a 8 week old baby with reflux. My first son also had reflux but totally different to my youngest symptoms. My first son was on Zantac and we took him to the chiropractor which seemed to work. However I was told that a cranial osteopath would be better then a chiro so this time with my youngest son we are trying the osteopath. We are also seeing an acupuncturists which some days helps. My 8 week old was also given Zantac at 3 weeks which seemed to work at first but not now. It is due to this our paediatrician has now changed his medication to Losec tablets which we have to break up and dissolve in water. We were not given any instructions on exactly how much water but have used 1ml and give him .5ml twice a day. We have only started this so its too early to tell if this is going to work. However we were told some chemists with break this down for you but it takes 2 days and another chemist said it would not keep if it was broken down. I was wondering if any other mums with reflux children were also using or used Losec and if so how were you administering it.


Hi Calebs Mum, my son too has been diagnosed with reflux and he was given Zantac, this seems to have stopped working for him. I however pumped into a new mum this morning (twins) and she advised that their is a pharmacist who has Losec in liquid form on hand - so if you live in Queensland, the chemist is in Windsor. I hope this helps!

My son is 9 weeks old today, and I have found in the last 2 days he has stopped drinking, will only drink half his bottle if we are lucky, has Caleb been through this?



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