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Fussing whilst feeding Lock Rss

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me. My daughter is 9 wks old and was breastfeeding really well. The last couple of days however, she would latch on and feed for about 5 mins before pulling off and screaming (more in fustration than pain i think). I'd calm her down and try to put her back on at which point she'd suck once or twice then pull away screaming again. It's obvious she wants to feed some more but is fustrated - at what I don't know! The same thing would happen when i tried switching breasts. She's otherwise very settled at other times. Can anyone make any suggestions as to what might be causing this??

Annie, NSW, Emmy 13/6/05, Aidan 11/1/07

Hi Annie - is your milk flowing well (getting a let down). Could she be frustrated because she's only getting your foremilk?

On the other hand she could be full but still wanting to suck, and then being frustrated because the milk keeps coming.

I suggest that you feed her when she's sleepy (just woken up or about to go to sleep) so she relaxes and let her feed for as long as she likes (for comfort too) then she may have a nice long feed and get over whatever is stressing her.

Tania, NSW - Mum to 4, Number 5 due Feb 07

hows it going??? has she sorted herself out yet?
whatever you do don't start stressing. try to stay calm and relaxed when feeding. as they say a happy mum means a happy baby.

my baby screams sometimes cause my milk flows to fast for her and she is 'drowning'... she has developed a coping mechanism tho she just spits it up all over

all will work out... just be patient... she's only learning. (Aren't we all)

Whataheart - Girls16/1/00, 28/4/05 & 04/09/08

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