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fedding and weight gain Lock Rss

ive been feeding my baby for 11 wks now and have had problems from day 1 but i felt to guilty putting him on a bottle so im still feeding him myself at the moment he feeds every 2-3 hrs but only for around 5 -10 mins at a time he just comes off and dosent want it anymore is anyone else like this ?
also what did ur kids weigh at 11 wks
he was born 3.2 kg and now he got weighed at 10wk and he was only 4.9 kg is this good the health nurse doesnt seem concerned
but my nephew at the same age weighed 7.5kg and he is only breast feed to
i just worry all the time about him getting enough

angela(24) mother to ben (8 june 05)

Angela - congratulations on your Ben (I have a Ben too, who is 16 months).

From what you say, his weight gain is fine. 1.7kg in 10 weeks (1 week to regain his birthweight). That's 170g a week average, normal is to gain 100-200g a week while breastfed.

My Ben would also only feed for 5-10 minutes and only from one side at a feed. He is still breasfeeding now at 16 months.

I would often feed my babies to sleep and they would have long feeds then, still sucking in their sleep and getting lots of rich hind milk.

All the best

Tania, NSW - Mum to 4, Number 5 due Feb 07

Forgot to add that Mia was 4.5kg at 3 months!

Hi ,
I have an 8 week old little boy and reading this post has made me feel better. My son was 3.2kg at birth and went down to 2.8kg. At 7 weeks he was 4.1kg, which is below average for his length. (He has been putting on 150gm per week after our slow start.)
I also always worry about how much he is getting when breastfeeding because he sometimes only feeds for 5 or 10 mins. However the clinic nurse said that 5mins is all he may need and not to worry. So I am trying not to, but its not easy.
Hope everyones feeding is going well.
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