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Heating bottles in microwave Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if it is afe to heat boiled water in microwave for a couple of seconds(if it has been in the fridge or if out shopping and water has cooled down in insulated bag) then to add formula and give to bub's??????

HELP this is driving me crazy and not sure if I should be doing this or should I be using the proper bottle warming machine OR do I do it the old fashioned slow way by sticking the bottle in a cup/container to heat??????????????????????????



Mumma 2 Jett 17months


I have a 10 week old and i fill her bottles up around 80ml and then i fill the rest up with boiling water when she is due for a feed.. But when i go out i take a thermos full of boiling water and top the bottles up to the 150ml mark then put in her formula.

This also is takes less time instead of waiting for the kettle to boil then also waiting for the bottle to warm up in the jug now i just have to wait for the kettle to boil and her bottles are ready in less than 2 minutes.

They (the books) say you really shouldnt heat up milk in the microwave due to the heat not distrubiting evenly but if you really are stuck and this is your only option just make sure you shake the bottle up and test it before you the give bottle to your bubs. As far as i have read this is the only reason why you shouldnt heat a bottle up in the microwave.. But also saying that my girlfriend who is a midwife heated her sons bottle up in the microwave from 8 weeks as soon as he started on the bottle.

I think this is a personal choice but i dont think there is a medical reason why you cant.

Hope this helps you.

Robyn Cody May 03 and Marli June 05

i heat up my bottles in the microwave b4 i put the formula in. they say not too cause it can heat uneven and have some hot bits and some not, so i make sure i shake it really well and let it stand 4 a few mins b4 he has it. they say not to put milk in the microwave cause it kills the nutrients in the milk/formula. but i cant see a prob with heating up thw water!
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