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For mothers who cant or chose not to breastfeed Lock Rss

Hi ladies after trying hard to breastfeed i (under the care of a GP and Paedo) have decided to give up breastfeeding. I am already getting crappy comments that are totally unwanted from interferring people. I thought i would post this passage from my Kaz Cooke book which is so funny i nearly fell of the couch reading it.
Her reasons to tell people for not breastfeeding are:

1) both my nipples blew off during a wind storm
2) I have an antibiotic resistant form of infected bosoms, and either of them could explode at any moment
3) Its easier to get the gin in the bottle
4) both my bosoms were removed years ago
5) Oh just bugger off!!!

These are only a few of what she wrote but definately the funiest ones.
I hope they give someone else a giggle too.

There is nothing worse than people judging you because you can't or choose not to breast feed. I have a nearly four year old and a 8 week old, I only feed my three year old for 2 weeks, and have just stopped with my 8 week old because I ran out of milk.

My three year old is healthy and well adjusted, and no worse for wear for being bottle feed and I am pretty sure it will be the same for my wee girl!

So from Kaz Cookes book I say you just go with the 5th option and tell peole to Bugger Off!!
I like number three- have to remember that one smile

hi there,
i read this at the right time - i did giggle - through the tears. i am having trouble feeding my 4 week old boy. and deciding whether to go buy a pump and express. i feed my 18month old til 6months, but this time it's just not working out. mostly indecicive due to outside influences.


Hi Sage and Blake's mum,

Don't let those outside influences, influence you, you do whatever sits best with you and your little one!

I let people pressure me the first time, but this time I decided not to, and so far it is working out well,

Good luck with what ever you decide to do,

Well Hiya all, at least I am not the only one trying my best to breast feed,I have plunket nurse coming over at 9am Monday to help me with it,so we will see!!!!!...Everyone tells you different and only the Mother knows how/I feel bad for I am using both formula and breast milk but mostly my milk,but my breasts cant keep up with my Sarah Rose either,she is 6 weeks old now having 5 to four hour stints both my milk and formula,but if it is just my breast milk it is every two hours....I have tried it,and I would be completely tired exhausted if I kept that up both day and night,gee I think they think we are wonder women and can keep up with the breast feeding and its soooo sore!!!!!!!!!!!.....the poor breasts get a beating and they say it gets better wellll dose it I think its a myth ha haa.....I have small breasts not too small maybe thats it!!!...

I want bigger boobs!!!....

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