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Feeding your Newborn


Colic Lock

We've just discovered in the last week and a half our unsettled daughter is suffering from colic....

10 replies

Hi Claudia, I'm really glad you found something that works. I know what it is like. We have enough stuff to open our own pharmacy ...


breastfeeding Lock

i would like to compare my experience of breastfeeding with any other new mothers. My baby is 3 m...

8 replies

I would love to chat to you about any problems you might have im new mum bub is 15 days old im having no real major issues just a fe...


breast feeding and introducing solids Lock

I am wondering I am breast feeding and in a month my little one can start having food other than ...

1 reply

My son had the solid 'signs' at 4 months but we waited until he was 6 months as he was still sleeping well and gaining lots of weigh...

kirsty w

when to stop giving them the bottle Lock

my little girl is 1 year and i have just stoped her night time bottle,so she just has a morning o...

2 replies

thankyou for wrighting back,she doesn't have a bottle at all now and she is drinking from a cup,she drinks about acup of milk a day ...


Breastfed babies & bowel movements Lock

My baby is 4 weeks old. I am breastfeeding her. She has not had a bowel movement since Wednesda...

6 replies

This is very normal, as is having a bowel movement several times a day. Breast fed babies have less waste to eliminate so it depend...


Bottle Feeding Lock

I have a 11wk girl Kheyrra and we are going through a stage where she only wants to drink 50-70 m...

2 replies

ask someone at your local baby health clinic.. this is valuable source of information which is endless...good luck!!