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Hello....I need some advice on Huggies Wipes?? I am due at the beggining of January and i would like to start buying Huggies Wipes each time i do my weekly shopping so that i dont have to buy them for some time after i have the baby? Do the wipes have an expiry date is it too early for me to start stocking up on them now?? Please leave any advice that any of you might have and thanks very much. Also should i be getting only the Sensitive ones blue color or can i get the green color ones as well as the scented ones?? Thanks very much again. Diana

Hi again,

Newborns don't need wipes. They will just give bub nappy rash. By all means start stocking up tho because after 3 months you always need them. I use unscented wipes. Less chemicals etc...

For a newborn, just use cotton balls (stock up on these because you go thru them very quick) or buy some chux, wash them, chop them, use them, and wash them again. Also, buy a something to put water in to wet chux or cotton balls.

For bub's first couple of poo's, don't bother trying to wipe them off... I washed Mason up in the sink. Soo much easier and quicker smile

Also, don't go stocking up on baby bath products. You don't need them at all. They are full of bad things, even the so called "natural" line that one of the companies have got out are full of bad things. Just use water. If bub's skin is dry, put a couple of drops of olive oil or almond oil in the bath.
Hi, yep start stocking up now!

I have never heard of wipes causing nappy rash in newborns???? I have used them daily since dd was born and they gave us them in hospital too, she has never had any nappy rash. They don't have a used by date and you go through so many anyway. If you are buying huggies just buy the white tub and then buy the 240 refill packets, then you can just keep refilling the tub and the travel wipe container.

You should be fine with the green ones, I bought a few different types but have settled with huggies as I find them the best. Ditto on the bath products, DD has sensitive skin so I can't use the normal ones on her, I used the Johnsons soothinng natural range but it totally up to you.

People will also give you that sort of stuff as gifts when bub comes. In the bounty bag you get some sample too which is good to try stuff out and if you are going to a private hospital you might get a gift bag type thing, I got one with Johnsons starter kits and stuff like that.

Hope that helps!

Tahlia 9wks

I've used wipes since I came home from hospital but use the Johnson's sensitive as they are unscented and easier to use than Huggies (Oops hope I don't get banned tongue) I buy the bulk boxes of them as they don't have an expiry. Yeah the Johnsons Soothing Naturals are really nice for baths.

Take Care!

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