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i was also told its not necessary to use soaps or shampoos when they are still newborn but my baby has a mass of thick hair (as you can see in my sig pic) and just today she spewed all over herself and all through her hair.

i have a johnsons one but only used it for the first time today. i have heard good things about Gaia products but have yet to try them
My Ds is almost 9 mths and i have never used shampoo as such. I use organic bath wash and just wash his hair in the soapy water. He only got dry skin as a newborn and then i used QV oil and it was gone after one wash.

Jurlique. My DS is 15 months old, has a hair wash 1 - 2 times a week and I still have half a bottle left - I received it as a gift when he was born. Smells great!

I'm pregnant and still waiting for my baby but I saw a lot of useful tips from my older sister and on the internet. I was reading a lot about best baby products such as food, pacifiers, oils and shampoos too.

I saw that is very hard to choose which one is the best for your baby because it's very important your baby's skin type. So when buying a shampoo for your baby be careful of ingredients that is shampoo made of.

I found very good article on some website with a lot of information about shampoos and ingredients of shampoos. You should take a look:
The baby products of GAIA brand are the natural and best for babies whether that is a baby shampoo or massage oil. All these products are good. I think its a better option for you..

I've seen some great one at
From the very first, I use only Jhonson's baby shampoo. Never turn my back, never disappointed me.
I use MADE OF baby products and love them. All of their products are organic and unlike other brands, they fully disclose all ingredients so you can feel safe using their products.
I use MADE OF organic baby shampoo. It is all natural, organic, chemical free, it has a slight pleasant smell, it makes my son's hair shiny and soft and it is affordable, especially for organic products.
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