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Granuloma Lock Rss

Has anyone had a baby with a Granuloma?
The doctor thinks it is an Umbilical Hernia, but I think it is a Granuloma.
I might get some advice from another doctor who specialises in this.

Susan, NSW, 1mth baby

My 3 month old daughter has a granuloma which was not treated by 3 doctors who saw it (as early as when she was 2 weeks old). This means that instead of it being treated simply and painlessly with silver nitrate, she has to see a surgeon tomorrow to have it excised.
Thanks for replying. The granuloma has now shrunk and dried and looks like it won't need any treatment.
Maybe doctors are sure how to treat one when they do see it?

Susan, NSW, 1mth baby

can u please explain to me what a granuloma is ... is may be what my son has:)
ps also how is it dealt with?

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

A Granuloma is a collection of cells which remain after the cord has fallen off. Until these cells die a continual, sticky discharge keeps the navel moist. The discharge isusually not a sign of an infection and won't harm your baby but may irritate the skin around the navel and cause a red rash.
Granulomas can persist for several months. Your GP can touch the granuloma with some copper sulphate which helps it dry up but don't be tempted to do this yourself as there are rare times when a granuloma is a sign of something more complicated.
This is an explanation from Robin Barker's Baby Love book.
1 out of 500 babies have a granuloma.
My son's just dried up and the GP seemed unconcerned about it.
I just kept is clean by washing it with water and cotton wool and tried to avoid it rubbing against his nappies.
If you are worried then get it checked out.

Susan, NSW, 1mth baby

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