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any ideas??? Lock Rss

hi all,
im new to parents exchange and i really enjoy reading all your posts you all seem to have sum great advice. i have a 3 month old girl montana, she is my first and i would like sum advice/help.
montana is a great bub we have settled in well. she sleeps thru the nite and has since 2 weeks old. i have not long put her on formula for her last feed before bed. but for some time now she gets very unsettled and grumpy and cries alot on the day that she does a poo. (she doesnt do one every day but i was told that is normal) she also sceams, cries and tenses up stiffins the hole body out just before she lets off wind this even wakes her up (although very rarly does she wake during the nite.) i use infants friend and that does help a little, infacol didnt really help much.
in the last few weeks she has begun waking hourly during the day will feed (but only a little) and will wake again in another hour. i dont know if its cause she is hungry or what the problem is. any ideas?

thanks danielle

danielle nsw dd 24/6/05, dd 26/7/06

it may take a couple of weeks for her stomach to get used to the formula since it is a bit different to breast milk.

If she wakes during the day and wants a feed hourly then she is hungry. Try to wake her so she drinks more to start with or if she is crying and you think she wants a feed then try put her on her back on the floor and take her nappy off. This works wonders with Isabella and did also with my first, Madison. I find this keeps her amused for another 45-60 minutes. Plus it's good for them to have some bare bum time.

Keep in mind that they have growth spurts every few weeks at this age so will change just when you think you have her figured out!
Hi danielle

First let me say Welcome as you know most of the mummies on here are nice smile

Any who... my daughter scarlett (4 months tomorrow) had to go from breast to bottle @ 6 weeks. She went from 3 durty nappies per day to none... when it came time for her to go she did the same as you little girl tensed up the works. It was Constipation.

For some babies 1 durty nappy every few days or so is ok but it wasnt for scarlett. Check to consistantcy of her poo if it looks hard and if shes only doing those movements while doing a poo i would seggest getting some COLOXYL DROPS from the chemist for around $10 it works well for all babies. For the age you put 10 drops into a bottle and it tastes like caramel and milk chocolate.

However it could be that you little girl might need to be burped. smile Scarlett takes forever!

If you would like to chat my email address is

Scarlett 4 - Hazellyn 1 - Blake born 29.07.09

hi everyone

thankyou all for your advice i will give them a try.
KirstieGai i tried the 'bare bottom' time and she loved it.
i will keep a look out for the COLOXYL DROPS thanks,
sara you said montanna rose thats my montanas middle name as well. thats cool.
keep the advice coming
thankyou all again

danielle nsw dd 24/6/05, dd 26/7/06

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