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baby's and sleeping on there tummys. is it ok? Lock Rss

hi my name is kristy, and i was just wondering what people thought of there baby's on there tummy at night. i have a five week old baby girl and i have recently started sleeping her on her tummy at night. she was having a bit of trouble with sleeping and waking up every couple of hours, my sister in law puts her baby on his stomack so i thought i would give it a go. since then she has been sleeping a lot better,i think because she cant wake herself up when she moves her arms. But is there any risk i guess?
Hi Kristy and bub
It is unadvicable to place a baby of this age on their stomach to sleep they are unable to move their head enough to clear their airway if needed example if they throw up.Babies shouldn't be sleeping on their stomach until they can roll themselves to this position and back,did you know that one thing that increases the chance of SIDS is sleeping a baby in any other posutuon than on their back,baby may sleep better but the risk isn"t.
Babies grow so fast and do things so quickly that I wouldn't take the risk will any of my children.Hope this makes a little sense good luck.

There are several coments about this in "Sleep and Settling". My Dad recently told me that when I was a baby they were "told" to sleep babies on their tummies. I am sleeping my baby on her side as I am concerned about her vomiting as she does do this a little when she sleeps.
Personally, I believe that overheating, and smoking are much bigger risks for SIDS.
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