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Babies and Cats Lock Rss

I would like to hear from people who have (or had) a cat when their baby arrived. Do you believe that cats will smother babies? And what did you do with your cat? I keep my cat in at night to protect him and the wildlife.
I have read that there is little evidence to prove this and that they may have been early cases of SIDS where the cat was blammed. Also I have read that cats do not like the smell of human breath and so would be unlikely to sleep near the face. But who knows?
I currently do not let my cat into the babys room and make sure her door is shut whenever he is in the house. I am more worried about him marking things that smell like her or wanting to "play" with her as he is very playful.
What are your thoughts?
hi, when i was pregnant i made a point of making sure my smokey knew he wasnt allowed into bubs room. IN the end i ahd to give him to my mum as i lived in a unit and the cranky neuighbor next door complained. We moved anyway but smokey had settled in at mums and when we visited he knew not to go inot the room where bubs was. We basically kept all oors closed that ashton was in, as I have always closed their doors for bed ( cause i heard night wanderings when they get older was a prob so to xlosse doors form the start). Smokey now rubs his fluffy tail all over ashton ( he is 14 months) and he never tried hurting him. We were alos worried of jealousy as ppl told me cats will attack anything that makes em jealous and smeokey was my number 1 baby before ashton, This never happened either. Ashton pulled his tail and tried to bite him and smokey never got upset.
I have heard cats sleeping on peoples faces and smokey use to love sneaking up n me during the night and sleeping around my neck, so i think it is possible and even as a kid i remember our cats use to do that ( we were older though than babies). I suggest leaving a the door closed where ever baby is if u aint there with them.
hope i helped.. though u did make me miss my kitty! sad nah its ok lol

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

I have 2 cats and I setup the bassinette before baby arrived so they would get used to it.

I have twice discovered the cuddly cat in Mia's cot, all snug and warm laying on her feet and went bananas! Hasn't been in there since. The other arrogant cat took to sleeping under her cot, but the bells kept waking Mia up so we have put a gate across her bedroom to stop her getting in.

I also thought my cuddly cat would want to play with DD but she grabs his fur and pulls - hard - he side swipes her with no claws - like a warning - and then bolts if she does it again.

Personally, I would be more worried about a dog than a cat.

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