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Just Not Interested Lock Rss

Hi everybody
I didn't know what section to type this in but this will do.
My little man is 12 weeks old now but just is not interested in playing with anything except for me or daddy. He use to play under his gym for anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes happily but now does want to know about it or any other toy we give him. I don't have a problem with playing with him, I love all his smiles and giggles but trying to keep him entertained for the two hours he's awake it's hard to keep going. Has anyone else had this problem? What do you do to keep your bubs entertained without you having to do everything?
hhhmmm not sure what would be causing him to lose interest but I noticed my little girl (also 12 weeks old) got bored quickly laying under her play gym so while I was putting make up on & doing my hair etc.... I put her in her rocker in her room and face it towards her cot and turn her mobile on (which is clamped on to the side of her cot) it plays classical music and moves, and she just stares at it for ages!

p.s - I will be taking the mobile off her cot when she eventually sleeps in her room, but for now it's serving it's purpose and entertaining her so I can have a bit more ME time!

Good Luck, hope you get a few more suggestions!

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