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Infant size nappies in a box?? Lock Rss

Does anyone know why I can't get them or why they don't make them in a box??

SaM, EviE NoV 03 AnD TuLLy AuG 05

I wondered the same thing. I thought maybe it's because they only fit a small weight range and there's quite an overlap with the size either side.
Newborn up to 5kg and crawler starts at 6kg so that's only 7kg that they exclusively fit.
That's just my guess though smile
Hi Girls
I could only figure out that my little girl grew so fast that she only used 2 packets of newborn nappies before I had to return a packet and go to the next size,I've found that the next size up does have larger packets.
Hope everyone is great lol.

hi my 10 week old baby needs the infant. the only boxed ones i have found are at Big W BABY LOVE 108 4-8kg. I think they were about $30-$40 a box. We had troubles finding them.
They do make infant nappies in a box smile

I know this cause i have a box of 100 sitting under bubs cot, im using them now smile

The site to buy them is actually listed on the huggies website...

Although i think its only the store in sydney you can get them from. i dont know if other stores have them.

If you wanna know where to get them from. here's the site

you can pick them up (which is cheaper) or get them delivered.

Great bargains. i went there 2 weeks ago,

I love my babies .....

I was told you could buy the infant nappies in a box at babies galore(too expensive there for me). I only use huggies nappies. I buy a few boxes when they come on special at supermarket, usually can get them for $29.99 a box. Otherwise I have found that Toys R Us are the best value for nappies. Much better than woolies/coles etc.


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