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MSN Messenger anyone? Lock Rss

I have noticed a few people have mentioned on various posts that they have MSN Messenger. I thought it might be a good idea to start a post for it so people who want to find others to chat to can smile

My name is Toni. I'm 27 and a first time Mum to a darling (most of the time) daughter named Sonja. Born on the first day of Spring (1/09/05) by emergency C-section. I live in Forest Lake in Brisbane. I also have two small dogs and a cat, some birds and fish. My computer is on all the time and I am happy to chat to anyone, anytime. I don't know if I can help anyone else as I don't know what I am doing either smile

[email protected]

Chat soon smile

Hi Toni,
I think there is another post on MSN contacts but im not sure if its outdated or not!!
im 17, and also a first time mum to my son Caden. He was born on the 16/8/05.

my e-mail is
[email protected]

(i have added you toni)
Hi Im Joanne. I live in Adelaide. I have a 6wk old little man called Ryan who entered this world on 7th November.

I have a psycho cat called PJ, two frogs and fishys!

My email is [email protected] smile

Joanne,SA, 1st time mum to Ryan 7/11/05

Hi my name is tarryn and i have a son born on the 16th of july 2005 named kai
[email protected]


hi my name is amanda im a mum to a 3yr old boy named bailey and a mum to a 7wk old boy named caleb i also have msn so is u wanna chat there it will be great my name is amanda

[email protected] is my email add for msn

amanda ,bailey 4ys ,caleb, 18/11/05 ttc# hopefully

Hi Everyone

My name is Jilly and I am a first time Mum to Amy. I am 33 and live in Wavell Heights in Brisbane. Any one who wants to email or chat my address is [email protected]

Chat soon


Jilly, Qld, Mum to Amy 14/12/05 & Rebecca 20/7/07

My name is Kelly and i am mummy to Makayla Dawn born on 28.11.05.
I'd love to chat to other mums out there, PC is also on anytime.
My email (and MSN name) is [email protected]

Hope to chat soon.
Hi Toni my name is Jessica i have twin boys Mitchell and Jack aged 3 mths. I live at Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast and i have a few questions i would like to ask. I have added you to my msn messenger hope to chat soon.


jessica,Adelaide S.A twin boys born 05

Hi everyone,

My name is Michelle, i'm 22 and a first time mum to my gorgeous son Taj born 12.12.05 and I live on the South Coast of NSW.
Would love to chat to anyone.

[email protected]

xx Shell xx

Shell, Mum of Taj 12.12.05

This is a great idea...

[email protected]

I love my babies .....

hi my name is Kellie this is a wonderful idea toni. as much as this huggies site is a good idea its also nice to talk to someone then and there.

My hotmail is [email protected]
Hi, my name is Karissa. First time mum to 9 week old girl Kadi Anne (8/2/06). I live in Melbourne. This is a great idea, I find it hard to get out of the house like I used to to meet up and chat to friends... I only finishing packing the nappy bag and the shops close!!!

[email protected]

Talk soon!!!

Karissa, Melb, Vic, Mummy to Kadi

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