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Baby Bathtime Horror Lock Rss

Hi Anyone,

I need some help on bathing my daughter.
She is nearly 6 weeks old and when she was in the hospital loved her bath although I think it was the jaundice and she was sleepy. Anyway we thought she would be a water baby and love it but no, she hates it. Every bath she screams and cries and tenses up so much that its not at all relaxing for her or us.
When is the best time to bath your baby. We usually do it before a feed and maybe thats the problem, she is just too hungry, but even at other times she still hates it. I got told not to do it after a feed but I think this would be the most relaxing time for her...but is it safe to do it then?

What do other people do when their babies hate their baths?

Or is she just too young to enjoy it yet?

PS...the water is definitely the right temp so its not that.

Any advice greatly accepted Thanks!
Hi Gizmo smile

We always give Isabelle a bath about 15 mins after a feed. The few times we tried it before a feed she just cried.

We also bath her at night, and don't use the overhead lights. This really seems to calm her down for bedtime.

You can try putting a facewasher over her body...some babies just hate the naked feel, and the wet washer may make her a little more secure.

Also try a shower. Both my kidlets loved the shower right from birth. Isabelle has even fallen asleep against me in the shower a few times.

Hope the bath situation gets better for you. It's hard enough trying to wash a squirming baby without them trying to scream down the house!
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