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Dry Face Skin Lock Rss

My little 7 week old has had a rash all over her face like little pink pimple. its almost cleared up but her skin is soo dry and a bit peely its in her ears to!!! should i be worried ir put somethin on it or leave it???? It looks like its a milk/wet rash where she spews at ngiht in sleep and i dont know and its run into esar and stuff???
hi my name is kristy, my daughter had a pimply rash as well, and aparently it can just be from formula if they are on bottle feeding, or my nurse said it could just be because of hot weather, either way it was not something to be worried about..
so if she said it was ok, then i am sure there fine, dont panic...

as for dry skin, i had that as well and i just moisterized her all over for a week or two and it went away.. that is also normal..

hope that helps..... it is good that you are soo worried, makes me feel better, cause i was the same way...see ya kristy..

I agree Paw Paw Ointment is excellent for any rashes dryness or scars. My whole family use it for everything, I was advised to use it on my daughter 8 years ago and she never had nappy rash so I use now on my little bloke.

Logan also had really dry skin from birth on his face, hands and feet. I just put some Johnsons baby oil in his bath and massage it in. Then after drying him I rub baby oil again on his hands and feet and dab his forehead with cotton wool with oil on it. It gives the skin moisture and you can pretty much rub the skin off with the cotton wool.

Good luck I'm sure it will clear soon

Shanen NSW, Logan 13.9.05, Mikayla 8 years

my son had a milk rash when he was first born but when the heat came finally he started to get a dry flaky rash i believe he has a touch of exma?? it was really bad so i asked my mother in law and she said she used to put sudocreme on her sons rashes she used it on all five of her boys, but if the nurses found out they would look down on it then, most nurses still tell you off for putting nappy rash creme on it.
but it works and is fine for babies, just dont use too much, if you use little bits it will rub into the skin nicely and not look obvious. it saves money on buying sorbolene cream, as you only buy the rash creme letting you use it for more than one purpose and doesnt use up extra space in the nappy bag.
another thing to help the skin, is bathing your baby in a drop or two of olive oil or baby oil. it stops the skin from drying out when you bath them as the water tends to do when you use soap free bath soap.
hope this helps.

tyson 19/8/05, Hayden 30/5/07

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